Next Generation Firewall

NGFW advanced threat protection, from small businesses to global enterprises and cloud environments.

Discover network security made boundless.



Zero Trust Network Access

IPI ZTNA provides secure and simple access to applications, regardless of where they are located, for users working from anywhere

Easy, your organization's network is at the highest level of security

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Get to know IPI security products

IPInstrument security company is specialized in two attractive and popular products that these days organizations and companies are trying to use these products to increase their share of security.

IPI NGFW Product

The NGFW is a new species of firewalls and security equipment that, unlike conventional firewalls that only pay attention to ports and addresses of origin and destination, can examine higher levels of Packet Transmitter IDs and provide higher security and even upgrade the security levels to the software installed on the client system.

IPI ZTNA Product

The ZTNA product, along with the new generation firewall, is capable of providing high transparency on passing traffic and allows you to apply different layers of monitoring and control-based access to security policies on the traffic and be able to find the right answer to different questions of traffic and packages.

How are IPI products offered?

IPI products are entirely flexible and you can use these products in different and conventional ways. We respect your needs, and all you have to do is to will.


We can offer you these products with tailor-made hardware. From desktop hardware for use in the SOHO category to multi-unit hardware for use in the Enterprise category.

Cloud as a Service

With your preference, you can use these products in various categories and with different sources on the cloud and with monthly-basis payment. We will be with you soon in Azure and AWS.

Virtual Machine

You can get our products as an OVF/OVA virtual machine, and use them with no restrictions on resources and ports, and in virtualization platforms including ESX, HyperV, etc.

IPInstrument Services

Over the past years, in addition to providing security products, we have always provided you with various security services. You can always count on us.

Security consulting

Providing suggestions and security advice in order to secure the organization's network.

Education Courses

Education Courses

Conducting special training courses related to security in the field of IPI company's products.

Penetration test

Penetration test

different types of penetration testing at various levels by the security team and providing reports.