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Story of IPInstrument Co.
And how we get to this point

The IPI team at IPInstrument has offered its products to the world, relying on years of experience and scientific background. Products that are designed based on the knowledge of founders and experts and tailored according to the needs of this market and date have taken a good place in the vital IT infrastructure to rely on the goal of security and have a great contribution to the increasing promotion of cybersecurity. We combine our passion for cybersecurity with new software development techniques to provide the ultimate integrated platform for security at the various layers of an organization’s network.

Mission : At IP Instrument, we believe there is a better way to accomplish network security. A more valuable, less invasive way where customers are earned rather than bought. We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help our customers achieve it.

Vision : We’re excited to simplify layered network security for everyone through our software, education, and community. We do that by creating groundbreaking innovations, making our products more sustainable, building a creative and diverse global team, and making a positive impact on communities and customers where we live and work. Therefore, we tried to reach a great solution with a new idea and a creative look, which led to the production of the IPI products. Products that together may be a kind of security as a service so that we can provide an integrated security platform and finally as a canopy or umbrella on the information and communication network of the organization.

Long Term Goals : Long Term Goals : As an important market developer, we are always looking to create new ideas and products so that we can respond to the needs. Our next goals include the following:

In the IPI team, we are a strong team together so that your network feels more secure with us

IPInstrument time line

Our efforts are always ongoing…
Programing team

The core of the programing team was formed

First Product

The first security products of this team were implemented in the form of a Firewall product


The Firewall product was upgraded and made available to customers as a UTM product.

Support team

The support team was formed as a matter of principle to help customers install and manage these products

Marketing team

The sales and marketing team was formed and developed the market, hence, we could have a share of the security market.

Product upgrade

The information technology market was progressing and Firewall/UTM products were losing their place.Therefore, according to our expertise and many experiences during the past years, the NGFW product was produced as the newest network security equipment in accordance with the market trend.

Birthday of NGFW

The NGFW product was presented to customers and was able to acquire customer satisfaction in the first months. This product has always been developing and progressing and has attracted many customers

Market development

Due to the attractive product that we presented, we tried to stand out in the market as much as possible and obtain a larger share of the market. We are constantly pushing to maximize our efforts and are very happy to meet new customers.

A new product is coming

The information technology market was absorbing newer products. And the ZTNA product attracted many customers. On the other hand, our records and experiences made it possible for us to be able to produce such a product successfully.

The second product

The second product named ZTNA was introduced to the market and was well received. We incorporated attractive innovations in this product that made us stand out from other products. This product meets serious and high-priority needs in the field of security and is always in the process of being upgraded and developed.

Our efforts are ongoing

We are alive, We try, We produce, We develop, We are by your side and with you And the story continues ...

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